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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Climate change and minority groups

How do people maintain their cultural identities when they are forced to move great distances from the lands of their heritage and ancestors?

DISPLACEMENT is a fascinating phenomenon which transforms physical geography and movement into socialised spaces and action.

However, APPADURAI argues that anthropologists have become over committed to the romanticised idea of fixed locations, when in actuality we must remember there are countless nomadic peoples, groups who practice shifting cultivation, and generally some peoples' entire existence has been based on movement. Taking this into consideration, I have been tempted to try and overcome the ideological assumption that social groups are necessarily situated in a specific space.

However, this does not mean we can deny the real marginalisation and discrimination experienced by these people who are uprooted and forced to leave on the basis of ideas which seem completely alien to them.

Let's remember the THREE D'S OF DISPLACEMENT:
how far away are they going geographically and culturally?
can’t bring all their belongings with them
Lost sense of predictability
cognitive & emotional, depends on personality, experiences.
Inevitable feature of human life, some are better adapted than others

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