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Monday, 19 November 2012

Chocolates, croissants, cheese; A Retrospective of Parisian Food Haunts

1) Image one is a shot from my favourite museum space in Paris, le Palais de Tokyo. It is a good warning to everyone entering Paris. Although, definitely needs some editing... it's not just fear that eats, but so does sadness, happiness, excitement and joy. I JUST LOVE EATING especially in France.
2) This is a shot of our lunch actually at Le Palais de Tokyo. I didn't have high expectations as I usually tend to associate spontaneous meals at galleries/museums as a provider of a service, as opposed to a provider of things gourmet. However, I was pleasantly surprised at the food here, its presentation, flavour and views of the Eiffel Tower were pretty undeniable.
3)When my purse strings were tightened, and I was forced to jump the barriers of the Metro, I realised I couldn't pursue my dream of regular fine dining. But my solution to this problem was quite a pleasant one. A bottle of sparkling wine, some Camembert, freshly baked baguette and some strange flavoured crisps. A little of a carb over load, but it makes for a cheap, sociable way of filling your stomach.
4) Heaven comes in eggy bread form in Paris. This is known as 'Pain Perdu' which translates as 'Lost Bread'. It's known as this, because eggy bread is a way of saving/rescuing stale bread from the bin. This one was covered in cinnamon and had mascarpone on the side.
5) THE PINK FLAMINGO, the best pizza take away service in Paris. This is hummus and aubergine, and was delivered straight to my perch alongside the canal.

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