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Monday, 16 December 2013

Film - It's The Eye Of The Society

Here is a short film that I made about the work of Hot Sun Foundation, an organisation based in Kibera Nairobi, the largest slum in Africa. Hot Sun Foundation draws on the imagination, creativity and passion of young people from marginalised backgrounds in East Africa to promote and express key social issues.
Their emphasis of citizen and community journalism reminds us of the thousands of stories which go unheard everyday. Mass media consistently forgoes depicting realities, especially when it comes to life in African slums. Indeed, instead of portraying the hard work, entrepreneurship of the slums, media often falls into the trap of sepia, slow motion images of emaciated infants with flies buzzing around them.
The kind of film making and journalism, such as the kind that occurs within Hot Sun Foundation, reminds us of the agency, ingenuity and humour that exists within Kibera and slums everywhere.

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