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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Dancing by the Seine

I have been doing some googling and I believe I must have stumbled onto a somewhat hidden gem with my adventures the other night. A friend arranged for me to meet him by Gare de Austerlitz metro station at around 8pm he said for "free music". A vague/abstract plan meant that I walked over to meet him, via a supermarket to pick up some crisps and beers for all. On arrival, he trapsed me towards the Seine, literally a two minute towards Quai St Bernard where we were greeted by the sound of eclectic instruments, music from varying continents, and people dancing pretty professionally it seemed to me.

There are about 5 tiny half ampitheatre style things where people sit, sip, chat and get asked to dance as sound blasts out from all angles. No one is afraid to ask someone to dance, and no one feels particularly rejected if some one says "Non merci" either! Even when the heavens opened up, the music would not stop; we ran for shelter beneath a tree and magically people brought out their drums and instruments and created a new form of entertainment for the masses.

No money is exchanged, no tourists are taking photos of you. Instead it is just an example of a really Parisian night, pure and simple pleasure, of music and dance and making friends.

Go to Quai St Bernard, by the Seine most evenings from 8o'clock onwards to join in!

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