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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Paris Diary

A (very) belated, and I'm sure well awaited blog post about my new Paris life. It is month number two now, so by now I have mastered the French scowl, stained my teeth with espresso, eaten my body weight in carbs, and had multiple existential crises about The Future.

Some of my favourite moments so far include:

Sitting on Canal St Martin, with a pink balloon and a bottle of rose, waiting for my delivery from Pink Flamingo pizza, (hummus and aubergine on a pizza... Why had this not been on my radar before?)

Spontaneously deciding to walk home from work. Didn't realise it was going to take two hours... Oops. Stopped at Palais de Tokyo, grabbed a beer, and read my book whilst people watching, having a peek at the skateboarders and every three seconds looking up to see the Eiffel Tower peering down at me.

Getting lost on a night out and finding myself in the bar where John Galliano said Those Dreaded Words.

Making my way to the periphique's flea markets. All kinds of weather chucked itself down on me. Every three seconds it moved from burning heat, to torrential thunderous downpours. I spent my time sheltering from the unpredictable climate through diving into mounds and piles of dust ridden, holey clothes all for under 3 euros. Biggest regret of refusing to buy a dress for 5 euros because they wouldn't let me haggle with them, I ended up walking a way from an amazing crochet, folk, white cotton maxi dress. Weep.

Weekend break to Bretagne with my darling mother, and a delightful 92 year old lady called Marie-Louise, who was more on the ball than most 22 year olds, reading magazines about Azealia Banks and Katy Perry. We wandered around the coast, and spent around 30 euros on cakes. I was very very content.

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  1. We want more posts, at least one a day,I am hungry!No regrets...